They saved the worst for first

It helps having propaganda repeating a narrative to establish it as ‘reality’

While mulling the absurdity of the debate last night, and today’s ‘international summaries’ in the media, its interesting how some countries, such as Russia, but others also, are framing it as both men were being equally rude and interrupting and insulting.

I’m wondering now if that isn’t the strategy at play…. Like, act as belligerent as possible, try to trigger Joe enough that they can BOTH be labelled as jerks… which in effect just brings Biden down to Donald’s level in the eyes of the world. (the man seems comfortable there).

It helps having propaganda repeating that narrative too to establish it as ‘reality’.

Will you shut up man?

I for one will state my opinion in that there’s no way they were ‘the same’ last night.

Donald barked and bit and deflected and berated and ‘whattaboutted’ near the entire 90 minutes. He couldn’t answer questions because all he could do was retaliate to anything Joe said, even before he’d finished saying it.

While Joe is uncomfortably elderly for long-haul aspirations, he did a good job at keeping his cool, and since literally no one else in politics acts like Trump (maybe besides Bolsonaro), then I think Joe can take on whoever else he comes up against as President.

Anyways, my point is – reminder: don’t trust the media at their headlines; source your sources. Spreading the idea that both candidates were behaving badly is part of their game.

One was being a dick, the other was trying his best to talk to Americans. I hope they listened.

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